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Protect Your Child’s Teeth with a Sports Mouthguard

date: 01.09.2023


Dr. Lara Saleh

Lara Saleh, DDS, MS, is a board-certified, award-winning pediatric dentist and the Founder & Owner of Dr Toothfairy. Dr. Saleh is fluent in English, Arabic, and French. She is also the mother of two wonderful young children and loves helping them, and all of her young patients achieve lifelong oral health.

Sports Mouthguards For Kids

Did you know that nearly half of all dental injuries are sports-related? Yikes! That’s why it’s so important to make sure your child is wearing a mouthguard any time they hit the playing field. Not only will a mouthguard help protect their teeth, but it will also help reduce the risk of concussions and other serious injuries. Keep reading to learn more about why mouthguards are so important for young athletes.

Six Reasons to Get Your Child a Sports Mouthguard:

  1. They reduce the risk of broken teeth.  Mouthguards protect your child’s teeth from being chipped or cracked or broken. A fall or collision can cause some serious damage to those pearly whites! A mouthguard helps cushion the impact and protect your child’s teeth from being broken.
  2. They reduce the risk of concussions.  A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that wearing a mouthguard can reduce the risk of concussions in young athletes by up to 50 percent. That’s because they help absorb impact and protect the delicate tissues in the brain.
  3. They can save you money in the long run. Dental injuries are expensive to treat, and a mouthguard can help you avoid costly trips to the dentist.
  4. They’re comfortable. Modern mouthguards are made from comfortable materials that won’t irritate your child’s gums or cause them discomfort while they’re wearing it.
  5. They’re easy to use. Most mouthguards can be easily inserted into the mouth and don’t require a lot of adjusting once they’re in place.
  6. They come in fun colors! Kids love being able to personalize their gear, and many mouthguards come in a variety of colors and designs.

How to Choose the Right Mouthguard for Your Child

Now that you know how important mouthguards are, you might be wondering how to choose the right one for your child. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping around:

  • Size: Make sure you choose a mouthguard that fits your child’s mouth snugly. If it’s too big or too small, it won’t offer proper protection.
  • Thickness: You’ll want to choose a mouthguard that is at least 3 millimeters thick. This will ensure that it offers enough protection without being too bulky.
  • Materials: Most mouthguards are made from latex-free silicone or polypropylene plastic. These materials are safe for kids and offer plenty of protection.
  • Cost: Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on a quality mouthguard. After all, it’s protecting your child’s smile! However, you should be able to find a perfectly good affordable option.
  • Colors: Let your child choose a color they like! This will make them more likely to actually wear the mouthguard during games and practices.

Sports Mouthguards Protect Your Child

As parents, keeping our kids safe is always our top priority—and that includes when they’re out on the playing field. Wearing a properly fitted mouthguard is one of the best ways to protect their teeth, gums, and lips from injury—so be sure to pick one up before their next game! If you have any questions about choosing the right size or type of mouthguard for your child, our team at Dr. Toothfairy is happy to help. Give us a call today!

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