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Pediatric Dentist Falls Church

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Pediatric Dental Services

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Dr Toothfairy’s Origin Story

The inspiration behind our practice’s toothfairy connection stems from Dr. Lara’s studies and residency at the University of Michigan. Home to the #1 dental school in the US (Go Blue!).  The city of Ann Arbor boasts a series of fairy doors that have gained prominence and taken on a life of their own. The first fairy door was discovered in the baseboards of the home of the Wright family thirty years ago. Over a decade later, the first “public” door installed outside of a local coffee chain.

Today, about twenty fairy doors can be found within Ann Arbor, and several others have appeared in neighboring towns. Children leave a wide range of gifts—such as coins, drawings and candy—for their favorite mystical fairies. Some of the fairy door locations provide guestbooks for visitors, just like the one at our Dr Toothfairy office. Sometimes, fairies will even answer questions that children pose in the journal 😊

At Dr Toothfairy, we are delighted to continue this tradition, and we love it when our patients celebrate their dental milestones by letting us know by leaving a note in one of our fairy doors—and Dr Toothfairy has been known to send patients a special gift when they lose their any of their baby teeth!

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