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Start your oral health & hygiene journey with me & Dr. Toothfairy

Pediatric Dentist Falls Church

First Dental Visit

Learn why a child's first dental visit is important and special.

Pediatric Dentistry Services

Pediatric Dental Services

Comprehensive treatment and dental care for children.

Schedule a Magical Tooth Fairy Visit for Your Pre-K Program

A Tooth Fairy visit makes oral health learning magical, fun, and memorable!  The kids in your Pre-K program will love meeting the Tooth Fairy and learning about what makes their teeth happy (and sad).  Take advantage of this free educational opportunity for your Northern Virginia Pre-K program. Scheduling a Tooth Fairy visit is easy, just complete the form below and request a call from Dr Toothfairy.

Tooth Fairy Visit Highlights

Fun Oral Health Education

  • Meet Dr. Lara Saleh (Pediatric Dentist)
  • Meet the Tooth Fairy
  • 15-30 minute event duration
  • Giant teeth & stuffed animal props
  • Gift bag from Dr Toothfairy
  • Coupons & promotional items
  • Photo with the Tooth Fairy (optional)


What we Cover

  • Why we need our teeth?
  • How many teeth do we have?
  • How to care for teeth
  • What makes our teeth happy & sad?
  • What are cavities?
  • How to get rid of germs
  • How to brush our teeth

Visit Locations

Local area Availability 

  • Falls Church, VA
  • Arlington, VA
  • Annandale, VA
  • McLean, VA
  • Merrifield, VA
  • Tysons, VA
  • Fairfax, VA
  • Vienna, VA

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Kids Love The Tooth Fairy!

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